Pet Lodge Guidelines & Admittance Form

Thank you for choosing East Lake for your special companion's accommodation and styling needs. This information is designed to introduce you to our established standards and to simplify your companion's arrival and departure. We welcome you and your special companion to tour our facility at any time.

General Information

Our pet care providers closely observe your pet, immediately reporting any irregularities to our doctors and nurses. Lodging is meticulously maintained and monitored in a temperature - controlled environment. We serve Hill's Prescription Diet(tm) W/D to all guests. We are glad to offer special, homemade or other dietary needs provided by you. If your pet requires medication, please bring it with you and we will administer it at no additional charge. Any needed refills or additional medications will be provided by East Lake and added to your charges.

Canine Guests

We offer a variety of accommodations for our canine friends, from "cabins" to "luxury suites". All guests are exercised outside at least three times a day with plenty of T-L-C in between. We use towels, blankets and rugs for our bedding materials to ensure the comfort of our guests. We offer pet mattresses, beds and televisions for those pets with discriminating taste. We even have cyber suites for those parents that want to check on their canine children via the internet. Due to size requirements, smaller canine guests requesting run space may have to be transferred to a cabin in order to accommodate large canine guests' needs. In this event, guests will be charged accordingly at the cabin rate (only) for their stay. We appreciate your understanding, thus allowing us to ensure the comfort of all our guests.

Feline Guests

Our feline friends have quiet, separate quarters all to themselves. Each guest has his/her own cat condo, with a picture window overlooking our west garden area and multiple birdfeeders. Soothing music is also played around the clock. Comfortable bedding is provided as well as extra pats and scratches.

Personal Items

Although we provide ample and comfortable bedding for our guests, you may bring special beds or articles of clothing. Each item will be labeled. We will make every effort to return these items in the same condition they were left with us. However, we cannot assume liability for the loss or destruction of any personal items, including bedding, toys, leashes, etc. left with your pet.

Vaccination Requirements

We require that all pets visiting our facility maintain current vaccinations. This is mandatory to ensure the health and safety of your pet as well as other guests staying with us. Alll our canine guests must have a current 1 or 3 year rabies vaccination, DHLPPC (Distemper, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza) vaccinations must be current within 1-3 years. Bordetella (Canine Kennel Cough) vaccinations imust be current within 6 months, Leptospirosis vaccination within 1 year. Intestinal Parasite Screenings must be current within the past 6-months. Annual blood and urine testing recommended. Your dog must also be on monthly heartworm preventative medication.

Our feline visitors must have a current 1 or 3 year rabies vaccination. They must be tested for FVRCP (Feline Upper Respiratory Complex) annually to every three years. Intestinal Parasite Screenings must be current within the past 6-months. Feline Leukemia screenings are recommended annually, as are annual blood and urine testing.

If your pet is not a patient of East Lake, proof of vaccination must be presented or the name of your current veterinarian provided to us for telephone verification. If your pet is not current, we will be happy to provide these additional services.

Reservation Confirmation

Due to our limited availability and increased demand, twenty-four (24) hour advance notice for a cancellation is required. A one-day lodging fee will be charged to your account in the event your reservation is not honored or if advance cancellation is not received.


Check out time is 3:00 pm. For those guests not picked up by this time, an additional one-half day's lodging will be charged. If your pet is scheduled for a styling appointment or a bath on his/her departure date, this fee is waived since the departure time is determined by the grooming department schedule. Pets are checked out during normal business hours only. If you have already contacted our facility for reservations, please fill out the required boarding release form.

Business Hours

Monday thru Friday
Saturday & Sunday

7:00 AM - 9:00 PM
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Lodging Accomodations - Effective February 24, 2003

Large Suite Single: H 6'3" x W 4'8"  
Large Suite Shared Single: H 6'3" x W 4'8"  
Cyber Suite Single: H 6'3" x W 4'8"  
Cyber Suite Shared Single: H 6'3" x W 4'8"  
XL Atrium Single: H 2'11" x W 2'5"  
XL Atrium Shared Single: H 2'11" x W 2'5"  
Large Cabin Single: H 2'6" x W 2'10"  
Large Cabin Shared Single: H 2'6" x W 2'10"  
Medium Cabin Single: H 1'9" x W 2'10"


Medium Cabin Shared Single: H 1'9" x W 2'10"


Cat Condominium Single: H 2'2" x W 2'4"  
Cat Condominium Shared Double: H 2'2" x W 4'9"  
Dayboarding Accommodations vary by pet size  

Please call 214-342-3100 for current pricing and to make a reservation. If you have already contacted our facility for reservations, please continue and fill out the required boarding release form below.


Admittance Date: Departure Date:
Client Name: Home Number:
Pet's Name:
Were your pet's vaccinations provided by East Lake? Yes No
If done elsewhere, please list name and number of veterinarian:
Would you like pet bathed while boarding? Yes No

**Any special instructions for the bath?

If several pets are lodging with us, would you like them to share accomodations?: Yes No

What is your lodging preference?: Med Large XL Reg. Suite Cyber Suite

Would your like your pet to have day camp?: Yes No What dates?

If you answered yes above, please click here to fill out our Day Camp questionaire.

lPlease list/describe any current medical conditions or concerns:

Are there any medical services your pet needs that we can provide while staying with us?
Yes No

Please describe:

While your pet is staying with us, if abnormalities are noted, would you like us to institute treatment?
Yes No

Please call me before any treatment is given at:

In the event that your pet has a medical emergency (stroke, cardiac arrest, etc) and we are unable to reach you, please choose from the following directives:

I request that my pet be kept alive using available life sustaining treatment.

I request that my pet NOT be kept alive using available life sustaining treatment.  I also authorized euthanasia of my pet if the attending veterinarian deems that my pet is suffering.

I am not prepared to answer this question today.  I would like a nurse or doctor to call me. 
Best time to call: Phone #:

What diet do you feed your pet?

How often do you feed your pet?

We feed K-9 Prescription W/D and Hill's Feline Prescription W/D to our boarding guests.

Are you providing your pet's food? Yes No

Do we need to administer any medications to your pet(s) while boarding? Yes No

* If yes, are you providing these medications? Yes No

Give names of any medications, the dosage(s) to be given and the time(s) to be given:

Emergency number(s) where you or an authorized agent can be reached:

Telephone 1: Telephone 2:

I do hereby certify that I am the owner (or duly authorized agent for the owner) of the pet described above. I authorize the performance and cost of treatment and/or procedures as is necessary in the event of unexpected medical problems for the safety and well-being of the above patient while in East Lake Veterinary Hospital's care.
I have read the attached Pet Lodge Guidelines and understand them.

Name: Date:

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